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Risks and Opportunities Exiting Marketing Agency

With a plethora of campaigns, purchase process and agreements, the traceability and controls over cost, which had been well established at the beginning of the client-agency partnership, may decay over time. 

When a marketer closes relationships with an agency, globally or locally, there’s a one-time opportunity for any monies owed to be returned, any side agreements or scope creeps to be identified, and to regain oversight of the value exchange between a marketer and an agency, rebuilding a strong foundation for the overarching marketing organization. 

DG2-CCS consists of centralized, consistent and comprehensive verification of all marketing agencies spend. It is a process by which all key aspects of the client/agency relationship are identified,  reviewed, and resolved for both parties to say goodbye in a structured manner. DG2 assists multinational companies globally to optimize financial management, obtaining reimbursements of inaccurate expenses, identifying excess charges and unreturned balances, and mitigating any type of exception or irregularity in supplier billing:

Duplicate Efforts = USD $2-$4M*

Unapproved Expenses = USD $4M*

Unreconciled Spends = USD $10M*

Rebates and Volume Discounts = USD $5M*

Overstated Fees or Commissions = USD $10M*

Negative Cash Flow Position = USD $5M - $6M*

* Historical DG2 average over USD $100M of spending

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