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DG2-MD: SaaS for
Spend Validation

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In recent times, the financial organizations of many publicly traded companies are focusing on working capital initiatives to drive cash flow from operations, in specific from indirect procurement and marketing spend.

DG2 has taken what has long been an archaic “pen-and-paper” spreadsheet cost reconciliation process and modernized it for today’s digital world. 

DG2 - MD is a software based solution to consistently verify compliance and accuracy of all media and non media invoices before payment, with real-time granular analytics on how every marketing dollar is invested to reduce waste and increase effectiveness, across all indirect spend categories.

Now, the advertisers are meeting their marketing value targets with:

  • Systematic review of invoices for validation of cost accuracy and compliance for all marketing spend categories.

  • Integration of spend data for consistency, transparency and analytics, improving decision making and buying.

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DG2 - MD strengthens marketers ad spending power with:

  • EFFICIENCY simplifying and streamlining the consistent validation of invoices before payment

  • CONTROL reinforcing policies for suppliers and capitalizing on internal benchmarks

  • VISIBILITY gaining insights into the status of actualized accruals and tracking trends that help manage cash flow

If you would like to know more about how to enhance procurement relationships with internal and external participants, or explore how the DG2 tools can be adapted and adopted by your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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