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How to best manage the exit of your agency of record

Closing relationships with an agency represents a unique opportunity to turn a clean slate. The multiplicity of campaigns and purchasing processes throughout the years can lead to leaks in controls and inefficient spend. The exit process is the time to inspect, detect and resolve any issues.

How DG2-Contract Compliance Service works:

→ 4 week process with turn-key results

→ 100% self-funded with an average 20:1 ROI based on actual recoveries

→ No disruption to day-to-day agency core or internal marketing personnel


How companies are benefiting from DG2-CCS

→ Funds due are reconciled to actual costs, including staffing/fee under-deliveries, open balances, production inventory, uncleared media, aged credits, discounts and rebates

→ Process controls and contract issues and opportunities for future improvement are identified and documented

→ Closure of the relationship is completed with full transparency, integrated verified data and oversight on non-compliance issues, unapproved expenses, ad-hoc agreements, among others.

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