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Marketing Spend Standardization and Integration

Global Marketing Spend Standardization and Integration helps marketers fix data underperformance by optimizing marketing data management and collaboration.

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To review trends, analyze supplier relationships and improve marketing spend management and global standardization, full transparency into spend must first be accomplished. Standardized, integrated and transparent data will allow you to drive better negotiations with suppliers, compare historical spend trends, forecast budgets and savings, and much more. 

Most marketers do not have a global/centralized source-of-truth when it comes to global marketing spend. When specific spend information is required, such as working vs non-working spend or global vs. regional agency fees, this often has marketers reaching out directly to the agencies, which takes a substantial amount of time and effort. We found that frequently resources are limited, and the way marketers are pulling this data is fragmented across the enterprise.


Global Marketing Spend Standardization and Integration is completed in 4 weeks, fueling day-to-day Marketing/Grow initiatives with standardization and visibility into the spending at an actionable level.

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The data scrubbing and data cleansing process consists of 9 steps.

The overarching goal is to free the data from errors and normalize it within a database that is reorganized in a way to be properly utilized for further queries and analysis.

9 Steps Process

1. Cleaning and transformation of data for it to be ready for normalization

a. Solving formatting issues

b. Solving typos

c. Solving misutilization of columns/ fields

2. Identifying or developing and applying Primary Keys and Foreign Keys to combine data

3. Identifying data gaps and populating missing information

4. Identifying and solving any data duplication, or redundancies

5. Resolving any conflicting data

6. Performing a second formatting reassurance

7. Verifying classification and undergo reclassifying to new definitions for all markets

8. Merging data and consolidating data combining it into an organized structure

9. Full QA Testing. *Quality Assurance iterations are applied through out the process

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Other global clients identified their key pain points as:

  • Marketing and Media investments are Manually populated

  • Critical fields aren’t included

  • Fields that are included are inconsistently populated

  • The classifications are generic and often misclassified

  • There is fragmentation in the way marketing spend is pulled today

The output in 4 weeks time is cleansed and consolidated data, transparency, a success roadmap built on insights to optimize operations and long tail partnerships.

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