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SaaS for
Supplier Pricing Optimization 

Paperless, controlled, transparent and seamless cross-functional collaboration, that is DG2-SOA's unique proposition.

DG2-SOA integrates CLM features with buying optimization capabilities.

Key standards to effective marketing supply management. 

Defining granular mapping of marketing agencies and 3rd party supplier's pricing, DG2-SOA helps marketers reduce its marketing costs, with standardized pricing units, consistency of supplier pricing data and leveraging the company’s aggregated spending.

Now, the advertisers are saving money:

  • Improving efficiencies through better use of time and resources

  • Ensuring sustainable cost savings by paying competitive prices

  • Increasing vendor pull for current and future needs

  • Enhancing transparency and the buying process

  • And providing real-time market pricing. 

DG2 - SOA has strengthened marketers spending power with:

  • EFFICIENCY simplifying and streamlining the consistent review and approval of rates, estimates and bids

  • CONTROL reinforcing policies for suppliers and capitalizing on internal benchmarks

  • VISIBILITY gaining insights into the performance and competitiveness of roster agencies and 3rd party suppliers

If you would like to know more about how to enhance procurement relationships with internal and external participants, or explore how the DG2 tools can be adapted and adopted by your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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