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Solving marketing collaboration

Marketing procurement and strategy teams often deal with thousands of 2nd and 3rd party suppliers with millions of dollars dispersed in disconnected silos.


Studies show that companies utilizing a networked structure in which cross-functional teams can come together are likely to achieve a +6 % revenue increase, vs companies structured differently or operating on disconnected information.


As SMEs, we are on a mission to improve the industry's transparency and consistency of the marketing spend data. In 2020, we joined efforts with software engineers and in close collaboration with marketing procurement executives we identified the areas that show structural control leaks and inefficiencies and tested where frameworks and structures can create the widest impact at the lowest cost.


With our +20 years of marketing financials consultancy legacy experience, a first hand close up view of spend data allows us to identify subcontracting and spending trends. Intended or not, data shows patterns of certain level of disarray that have not been solved with digitalization of the agency management process for scopes of work nor with automated payment processing systems.

DG2-Seal of Approval is the SaaS tool that provides a controlled, paperless and structured framework to verify, approve and actualize work orders, estimates and rate cards, eliminating manual hours integrating pricing intelligence and supplier mapping.

With DG2-SOA you can map and benchmark supplier prices across brands and markets, leveraging your internal knowledge base and negotiation power.

DG2 - SOA succeeds to strengthen marketing spending power with:

  • EFFICIENCY simplifying and streamlining the consistent review and approval of rates, estimates and bids

  • CONTROL reinforcing policies for suppliers and capitalizing on internal benchmarks

  • VISIBILITY gaining insights into the performance and competitiveness of roster agencies and 3rd party suppliers


About the solution: The tool was rolled out in Q42020, with top 200 Global marketers, with over +20 integrations now under the belt.

Experience shows that improving marketing and procurement collaboration with agency partners and subcontracted suppliers doesn't requiere for new organizational functions or structures, rather the right framework to optimize alignment and clarity on spend information, in a way it increases the internal cohesion and leverages accumulate spending.

Plus, all things considered, a tool is only as useful as far as correctly used, and is handy to who needs it. Clarity, consistency and cohesions must also be guiding principals for the customer support team. As such the DG2-SOA tool is a solution.

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